Over the years our loyal and dedicated customers have provided us with some amazing testimonials and success stories. From retired ex racehorses, to 5* event horses and everything in between, here you’ll find just some of the incredible stories of how our products have helped so many different horses, ponies and dogs.

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“I have been using Coolstance Copra for quite a few years now having been recommended it by an old hunt groom for a horse that couldn’t hold his weight. It is brilliant stuff, very pure, and I now feed it to all ours from the laminitic/cushings 22 year old pony to the TB 1* eventer. It keeps weight on without being fizzy and their coats look amazing. Being low in sugar/starch it is great for the pony with EMS. Keep trying if your horse doesn’t like it and little by little they will. Ours all love it.”

Sarah & Foxy

“My horses winter without rugs and have the most fantastic coat condition all year round. I have found CoolStance particularly useful for my Arab mares, as a breed they are particularly prone to tying up but with CoolStance I have complete peace of mind. All of my horses race barefoot. Without CoolStance I don’t think they would adapt nearly as well to being barefoot, it is something I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to make the change from shoes to barefoot.”

Delyth Thomas, Owner and Trainer in Arabian Racing

“I started feeding Jack CoolStance Copra when he began to lose condition. He seemed to lose his sparkle and lost the shine to his coat, particularly over the warm summer months when grazing was limited. I’m so glad that I tried CoolStance, Jack now has the most fantastic coat condition and has got his normal sparkle back. It’s a great, cost effective way of ensuring my pony looks and feels in peak condition.”

Danielle & Jack

“I have owned Knocknacree Prince (aka Maddox) for 3 years. He is a 12yr old 17.3hh Irish bred gelding and we hunt with the Coakham Bloodhounds in the South East of England. Hunting with the Bloodhounds requires a very fit horse. Our country varies from galloping up and down the steep hills of the South Downs, to fabulous big hedge days. Having successfully used Coolstance Copra in the past on other horses, it seemed an obvious choice to use this as part of his feeding regime. Coolstance Copra gives him the needed slow release energy to keep him fueled for a days hunting, helps maintain condition and, as he has a lot of natural energy, does not make him over the top and fizzy. His coat always has an amazing shine and my husband who is a farrier is very happy with the overall condition of his feet.”

Kim Eades and Maddox

“Our riding school horses and ponies (aged from 8-26 years old) love the Copra. It is palatable and a great feed which helps prevent them eating too fast. It can be fed alone or with additional feeds depending on our horses’ individual requirements. We love it because it is easy to use and store, gives them a fantastic glossy, shiny coat and keeps them in great condition for our clients to enjoy. We feed Copra to all our horses and ponies, including those who are older and struggle to maintain their weight over the winter. We have also fed it to ponies with laminitis and to any who needs to be on box rest with positive results.”

Sally Blackmore of Greenways Stables

“I can’t say enough about VitaStance Mineral Mix! I’ve owned my Welsh Section D, Mickey D for a year and it took a long time to get any kind of condition on him. His coat was dull and oily, his mane and tail were dry and constantly breaking until I started him on Mineral Mix. His coat is beautiful, healthy and shiny and he has filled out. His hooves have become strong and indestructible. I am so amazed by this product, I’ve started giving half scoops to my gypsy mare who has blossomed, she is so soft and shiny, people can’t resist touching her!”

Kirsty & Mickey D

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“We have an ex polo pony at home who has always been very sensitive, anxious and flighty. He has always been jump to rug and catch and always seems to be on guard and unsure of people regardless of how much handling and ground work is done with him. I put him on the B1 Cool Mix and within about two weeks he was like a different horse. He now follows us around like a pet dog and can be rugged without being caught or fed and he is all round much easier to handle, friendlier and clearly less anxious. I would highly recommend it.”

Lisa & Norton

Do you have a story to tell about VitaStance B1 Cool Mix?

If you have been feeding VitaStance B1 Cool Mix to your horse, we’d love to hear from you!

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“PowerStance provides my event horses with controlled energy, keeping them in perfect physical condition without changing their mental states. I have also noticed that their rate of recovery after competing has significantly improved after switching to PowerStance, which is essential at long format events.”

Jemima Gray, 2* Event Rider

“I have used PowerStance on Ronny leading up to the Pony Club Gymkhana for the last two years running and he has won the presentation section both years! I believe the reason he has been so successful is my use of PowerStance, it’s a fantastic product and am now using it on ALL my horses.”

Andrea Ravenscroft

“Tully’s only been on PowerStance for a month or so and I’ve never seen him gleaming like this. Amazing!! Thankyou Stance Equitec! He’s normally got a good shine anyway, but I have to say that the difference in his coat was amazing!! I’ve put all the neddies on it now – even dear old Arnie at 32 who’s coat can get a little scuffy. I used to buy 5 gallons of canola oil and feed that to them every day, but have cut that out some time ago when I introduced Powerstance to their diet. Less hassle and better results…. Bingo!!”


“Lacy is a 16 year old Border Terrier that at the start of the year showed signs of ‘wanting to take it easy’. She has always been a very active dog so it seemed the right time to try her on Turmericle. I noticed a visible difference in her range of movement after about three weeks of being on Turmericle. She seems a lot more comfortable and it has definitely supported her skin, coat and joints.”

Danielle & Lacy

“One of our horses was having intermittent lameness at the start of the endurance year. We had a full lameness assessment done with our vet and our horse was turned out to rest a very inflamed coffin joint. I started him on Turmericle as well as the prescribed medication given by the vet and within a month he was already moving better. The prescribed medication was only given for one month but I kept the horse on Turmericle for continued joint support. After three months of rest and Turmericle daily in his feed, he was brought back into work. He was prepared for his first 80km endurance ride and 6 months after his lameness assessment, our vet said he would be ok to enter a ride if he was kept off slippery surfaces and avoided concussive surfaces. He completed his first 80km ride after injury and he didn’t once show any signs of discomfort. He vetted through with all A’s and 1’s, trotting out beautifully at the final vet check. A month after completing this ride he also completed another tough, slippery and hilly ride. His on-going joint support is provided by a daily dose of Turmericle.”


“A year ago I started adding Turmericle to the feed of my Percheron, Opie, to help with his itchy and sore tail. After only 3 weeks I could see a difference, with the redness reduced and hair beginning to regrow. Now, one year later, his itch has practically gone and he looks INCREDIBLE. Thanks for making the best product ever, he has been on it for a year straight, I can’t stop raving about it.”

Macy & Opie

“Noddy is prone to ulcers and never eats when stabled for a few days and is usually cranky at the same time. He’s been on the UlcaBuf since I received it last week and this week, he’s been stabled due to it raining and being too wet. I’m happy to say he hasn’t lost his appetite and he licked his bucket clean and hasn’t been cranky so I’m super happy! I will definitely be placing another order soon!”

Emily and Noddy

“I just wanted to let you know about the incredible results I have had, feeding UlcaBuf. My mare is 6 years old, very lightly shown but in recent months the thought of her competing again seemed highly unlikely. Her whole demeanour had changed to the point of her becoming dangerous to approach, rug, feed, catch etc., let alone ride! She has always been a bit of a cranky princess, but this was another level! I decided to leave her out of the stables at night and no longer put warm rugs on either. Then, three weeks ago I started feeding her UlcaBuf. I changed nothing else. Two weeks in and she was a different horse! She is friendly and happy to see me! I have even started putting her warm rug back on at night, without fear of being attacked! This morning, for the first time in 3 months I was able to lead her to my arena and lunge her! This has been a massive step forward and I am looking forward to riding her later this week. I am so impressed with your UlcaBuf, that I would recommend it whole heartedly. Thank you so much. My dragon is now a pussy cat!”

Sharyn Hungerford

“For the past 2 years we have struggled to find a product to help ones of our horses who was forever having soft, and at times runny poo, anxious and unsettled when take out to competitions. A friend put us onto UlcaBuf and he hasn’t looked back. Being anxious has completely gone, he’s settled, working well, and most importantly no more runny poo. I highly recommend. We are very impressed with this product.”


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“A client of mine had a troublesome TB – The usual problems for an OTTB – under weight, not really thriving despite receiving a healthy, non-grain, balanced diet for some weeks. Due to his past history and somewhat stressy behaviour, ulcers were suspected although he had not been scoped. The diet and environment were stable so I was confident that if there were any effects it would be due to the UlcaBuf. Within a few days the horse had started eating its non-grain meals with enthusiasm and started to greet his owner at meal times. His coat is also developing a very nice shine. His weight is slowly but surely improving. This product is one I have in my “equine nutrition tool kit” if relevant situations arise.”

Karen Richardson

“I had heard about toxin binders for a while through different people and equine nutrition forums but never really considered using one since my horses are lucky enough to be grazing on improved pasture. Then a few months back my thoroughbred developed scabby itchy patches along his back and down his legs and also noticeable drop in his top line. I tried many different topical treatments and washes but no change his back was hot and sore and no way I could put a saddle on him. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying ReMove and within a week his itch was gone. I have also noticed a huge change in his overall condition and energy levels in the weeks since then. Barry’s coat is glistening and his muscle tone is the best it’s ever been but even more importantly my very hot headed and sensitive horse is calm and so much happier in his work. So incredibly happy with the results of something so simple. Barry and I are now looking forward to a great season eventing in top shape.”


“I have had amazing results with ReMove in just a week she was completely clear of all scabs. She’s completely cleared up now such an awesome product. [the before picture] This was 4 days after we got her we couldn’t touch her nose or her ears and putting an halter on her was such a mission she was in so much pain it was so sore…It’s been 3 weeks since we started adding ReMove into her feed and my 8 year old daughter can now catch her unassisted” 


“I was so happy to discover that adding ReMove to my mares feed actually made a difference to her ability to focus under saddle. She had a habit of bucking or rearing as a means to avoid being ridden. I has helped her behaviour as ReMove helps to get rid of mycotoxin’s in her gut, leaving her feeling happier and healthier! Willow looks her best health and although she is a mare, she is definitely a much happier one. I’m so glad I tried ReMove and will continue adding this into her feed.”

Alysha & Willow

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