Welcome to the home of Stance Equitec UK and Boomerang Nutrition Ltd.

Boomerang Nutrition ltd have been importing and distributing Copra meal throughout the UK and Europe since 1999. Our founder and managing director, Piers Broadhead, identified the need for a natural, conditioning feed which was low in sugars and starch, and grain free. Copra meal was the unique, natural solution, (CoolStance).

In 2007, we teamed up with Dr Tim Kempton of Stance Global, Australia, and Stance Equitec UK was born. Tim pioneered the research into coconut meal and oil in equine nutrition in the 1980’s and has been a leader in the market ever since.

The proud discovery of the use of coconut co-products for equines by Stance saw the popularity of our CoolStance Copra grow. CoolStance is the only natural, non-GMO, low NSC (sugar and starch) feed that is safe to feed to horses to support normal insulin metabolism.

It’s this, combined with the fact that it’s high in fibre, low in sugars, starch and completely natural, that has meant Coolstance Copra is a popular and staple part of many horses’ diets. Made from the white part of the coconut Copra meal is naturally high in conditioning oils as well as being cereal and grain free.

At Boomerang Nutrition, we focus on a small range of high quality, effective and natural products for horses and dogs and provide the natural advantage to health, performance and condition.

All of our products are centred on the benefits of coconut oil, with our supplement range being based around PowerStance powdered coconut oil and CoolStance copra meal feed which is 100% coconut.

Over the years we have built up a loyal base of stockists and customers all over the UK and Europe, who we work closely with. We are always actively discussing with our stockists and customers, new and innovative ideas to improve our range.

Our knowledgeable team are available to answer any of your questions and provide advice on feeding your animals. Simply get in touch on the details below, or fill in the form on our contact page.

We truly believe in simple feeding of high-quality products for happy, healthy animals.
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